Command List

This is the list of all supported Commands. Read from the top through the end and check for mandatory command. This Plugin comes with high flexibility, but therefore you need a good understanding of which commands to choose from.

Step 1: Base

In the first step we chose the most fundamental algorithm to generate the base.




The Prims Algorithm is a classical maze algorithm.

The Random Walk Algorithm is a simple algorithm that can lead to very diverse results. When you chose this one, please read Tutorial Part 2.

Step 2: Maze Settings


  • borderWidth (w)
    w: Number not below 0

Prims Settings

When chosing Prims algorithm, you can use these commands (in any order). They are optional.

  • mergeDeadEnds (probability)
    probability (optional): float number 0 < x < 1.0, whereas 0 = never, 1.0 = always
  • cutOffDeadEnds (iterations)
    iterations (optional): number not below 0

RandomWalk Settings

When choosing RandomWalk Algorithm, you can use these commands (in any order). They are optional.

  • start (direction)
    direction: chose from „top“, „right“, „left“, „bottom“
  • exit (direction)
    direction: chose from „top“, „right“, „left“, „bottom“
  • allowGoingBack (boolean)
  • allowLargeAreas (boolean)
  • allowRevisit (boolean)

Step 3: Entrance and Exit

You can chose between 2 variants for the Entrance and the Exit.

  • Entrance and Exit as Decoration, see Tutorial Part 1, then continue with the next step
  • As Traversing Path, see Path In and Outside the Map, then call
    makeWayOut (direction) and
    makeWayOut (direction)
    whereas „direction“ is one of „top“, „right“, „left“, „bottom“.

Step 4: Generate

Call this method, it’s mandatory.

Step 5: Place Entrance and Exit

Do this step if you chose the first option in Step 3, otherwise continue with the next step.

  • placeEntranceOn (direction)
  • placeExitOn (direction)
    direction: chose from „top“, „right“, „left“, „bottom“, „any“

Step 6: Decorations

  • drawDecorations (regionIds)
    regionIds: optional, Array of Numbers
  • drawDecorationXTimes (regionId, min, max)
    regionId: required, Number
    min: optional, Number, default 1
    max: optional, Number, default min

Step 7: Spawn Player At

  • spawnPlayerAt (direction, regionId)
    direction: required, chose from „top“, „right“, „left“, „bottom“
    regionId: optional, Number


Call finalize() command, it’s mandatory.

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