I’m a Plugin Creator for RPG Maker MV and MZ, focusing on randomly generated maps during gameplay. If you ever wondered whether you can let this Map Generator run every time you enter your final Bonus Stage or when you plan to create your Rogue-like Game using RPG Maker, this blog is for you!

Have you ever thought about making a Rogue-like game in RPG Maker MZ? Or you just want to add some Random Generated Content into your Game? No matter if you want to make a game that rebuilds itself every time you respawn or want your Hero to explore an unexplored World not having stressful encounters, Procedural Map Generation increases the replayability of your game a lot!


  • Many Algorithms to random generate Map Layouts
  • Create Dungeons, Forests, Corridors, …
  • Spawn Enemies, Loot Chests, and whatever else you need
  • A lot of Commands to fine-tune and customize Maps
  • Easy setup!
  • Use a seedable RNG to re-generate Maps
  • And more!

This Plugin Series offers you many algorithms and techniques to choose from to make every dungeon, forest, field, village, castle… to feel unique from each other! Not to compare to the Dungeon Generator that comes with the Maker – we definitely beat that one!

Choose from various layouts, pick your terrain, let enemies and loot chests spawn, put switches and doors, and even more – Try it out for free!

You can try out my Sample Game in the Webbrowser or download it to open with RPG Maker. The Tutorials will explain everything you need to know to add the Plugins into your Game.