The great Overview

Inspired by the Game No Mans Sky, I’m working on methods to enable Randomly Generated Maps during Gameplay. This Plugin series for RPG Maker MV and MZ has been my greatest work ever since. To get a decent variety and still provide enough mechanics to build a fun game, there are multiple Plugins with different strategies and additional functions. That means, this series is not plug&play, but was made with the idea that, once you are motivated to make a decent game, you are also motivated enough to take your time to understand how everything works!

This article now gives you an overview of what you can do with the Plugins from this blog.

First of all, at this time there are two major Generators available: Maze Generator and Noisemap Generator. They may have same or similar functions, but in general there are separated from each other. You can use both Plugins for your game.

Maze Generator

The Maze Generator (formerly Dungeon Generator) was my first attempt to kick off my Plugins. Using this Plugin, you draw a set of tile snippets for each base primitives, for instance tunnel, fork, crossings, corners.. This workflow is easy to understand and generated Maps look like they were designed by a real mapper. The disadvantages are, that Maps often look blocky, and it takes a lot of work to map all the required snippets.

I recommend to use this strategy when you want to build dungeons, especially corridors.

Noisemap Generator

This Plugin uses various mathematical function, including Noise Maps, A* Path finders, and Spanning Trees to generate Maps. As an example, you can choose „worldmap having grass, desert, snow, mountains, and floating islands instead of sea“, „forest with swamp elements“, or „single dungeon room having dirt floor, grass, and crystals“ and the Generator takes over the rest.

I recommend to use this strategy when you want to build worldmaps, or natural areas like forests, or caves.