Additional Plugins

HUD & Gab Windows

Gab Windows are text windows that you can dynamically put on the game screen, whether they are part of the game’s HUD or a speech bubble above the player or any other NPC. As they interpret text codes (\C, \V,…

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This plugin gives you a warehouse to store any item and gold! Screenshots Notetags Scripting Download Right-click, save as…

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Item Restrictions

This plugin enables you to have more control over who can use and consume which items using Notetags. This plugin enables to following Notetags. To use Items On Actors & other Traits On Items To consume Items On Actors &…

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Exp Potions

This plugin lets you create consumable items that grant a fixed amount of exp when consuming. That’s it! Use this Notetag: Example Download Right-click, save as…

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This Minimap was designed by analyzing and replicating the RPG Maker’s code to automatically draw the map with its terrain on the UI.
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This Plugin enables commands to spawn an Event, e.g., a Gravestone, to the Player’s position. You can do that, e.g., when the Player loses a battle or walks into a trap. If you spawn a Gravestone while another one still…

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This Plugin provides methods to temporarily seize Exp, gold, items, and equipment and to restore them later. Seized items are stored in an invisible container for later retrieval. If you seize a 2nd time while the container still owns items,…

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Perma Death

When the Player game-overs, their save slot is deleted permanently from the disk or local storage, once the Perma Death is activated. This plugin uses a Switch to toggle on/off the Perma Death, so you, as the game designer, can…

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