Map Generation without using Snippets

In this tutorial, we will look at how you can create randomized Maps without defining Snippets first.

Required Steps

Step 1 – The Space Map

Let’s create a Map and call it „Space Map“. Feel free to set BGM, encounters, or other settings for this map. Choose the map size wisely as it will be used in the Game; I usually use 40×30. Keep the map blank.

Step 2 – Pick a Template

This Plugin series comes with a set of pre-defined templates that you can pick, each with individual features and rules described in their respective blog post.

Articles coming soon!

Step 3 – Additional Maps

Most of the templates offer additional maps, e.g., you can define if roads are drawn and how they look. Usually, these maps are optional, i.e., when you decide to not create a particular map, the plugin will simply skip this feature. The respective articles explain to you how to set up each additional map.

Essential: Those maps must

  • have the title that is proposed in the article
  • be a child map of the Space Map
  • have the same Tileset as the Space Map

Step 4 – Eventing

Last but not least, we need a few Plugin Commands or JavaScript lines of code to put everything together. Given a door or any other event that transfers the player from a static RPG Maker map to a generated one, the event contains the following:

  1. Fade Out Screen
  2. Transfer Player to the Space Map, any x and y coordinate, and set „fade“ to „none“.
  3. Either a JavaScript snippet (MV) or a Plugin Command (MZ)
  4. Fade In Screen