Save Self-Switches

When using a Meta Maze, the Plugin will handle Self-Switches automatically for you. The feature described in this article will memorize Self Switches, with the ability to manually set these Switches to false, e.g., when the Player successfully finishes the dungeon, goes to the Worldmap, and then eventually decides to revisit this place again.

This tutorial is optional – you can safely skip it when you don’t want to memorize Self Switches.

Resetting Self Switches

Do a Plugin Command „Reset Self Switches“ to set all Self Switches of Events in a Dungeon to „false.“ Pass the Space Map’s Id as an argument. The equal JS Code is:


regardless of using Dungeon Generator or NoiseMap Generator, and „2“ is the Space Map’s Id.

If you wish to switch off only Self-Switches A (or B, C, D), use this command:

$dungeonGenerator.resetSelfSwitches(2, 'A');