Static Map with Decoration Features

If you want to use this plugin’s features of spawning assets on an ordinary (non-randomized) map, follow this tutorial.

Create Map

Create a custom Game Map.

Transfer Player

While transferring the player to this map, transfer him to the exact position you want him to spawn. Unlike the other algorithms, this plugin does not automatically relocate the player.

MZ: Plugin Commands

MV & MZ: JavaScript Call


Important Note

Whenever you have the option to choose from „asset types“, e.g. „drawDecoration“, „drawChest“, „drawEnemy“, …, please choose „drawDecoration“. This restriction will be removed soon!

How to… spawn Assets with Region Ids

When you want to spawn decorations by putting Region Ids, you can do so by doing this trick:

  • Create a Decoration Map
  • As matcher, put one single Region Tile with an unused Id, and leave the rest blank
  • On your Game Map, you put these Region Tiles where you want your assets to be spawn
Game Map