In this article I try to collect all common mistakes, errors, and suggestions to solve them.

If you have troubles with my Plugins, but checked your project and all the tutorials, please turn off all other (yes, all other) Plugins, that are not made by me. Some Plugins use functions to „swallow“ errors and will just skip bad Plugin Calls and not show any error message.

An alternative would be to try out my Plugins in a fresh project without any Plugins, including RPG Maker default Plugins.

The Plugins on this site can be incompatible with other Plugins, that’s due to the nature of Plugins. This Plugin series uses methods to manipulate Maps during Gameplay, a technique that RPG Maker was never built for unfortunately. Many Plugins that uses Map data, for instance Minimaps, Collisions,.. scan the Map when the Players enter them and do not react when my Plugin modifies the Map. I decided to make a silent Map Transfer Call which transfers the Player within the Space Map and set common RPG Maker flags (e.g. „needsMapRefresh“) to „true“ to fire commands to any other Plugins. All of the 3rd Party Plugins that are described in this paragraph will be notified, however, it’s in their hand if they will refresh themselves or not. A Plugin developer could design his Plugin in a way, that it only refreshs itself when the player actually changes the Map and will not react when the Player departs and arrives into the same Map. That’s not their fault, this control flow is fine, it just doesn’t fit how I design my Plugin series.