Let’s build… a Castle!

Space Map

Design the Space Map as shown below:

This setup has 3 rows. From top to bottom:

  • 1st Row: one Ceiling Tile
  • 2nd Row: one or multiple Tiles for the Areas
  • 3rd Row: one or multiple Tiles for the Corridors

That’s it for the generation. Feel free to put invisible Events for background effects, e.g., screen toning or background noises.


Example: Space Map and a few Child Maps to enable Features

This Plugin scans for child maps that are under your Space map to enable an additional feature. If you don’t want to use it, simply remove or rename the map.

Tip: To temporarily disable a Feature Map, just append a symbol to its name, e.g., „Structures_“

Structures & Walls

Now, we define how walls should look like. Create a new Map, call it „Structures“ and draw something like this:

Well, I admit, this map looks confusing. You can just copy-paste this screenshot into your game or read further to learn how a Structures Map works.

Main article: Post Processing – Structures

A Structures Map defines rules to replace parts of a generated Map with other tiles. It is usually used to scan for areas where the ceiling hits the floor to put walls in between, but it’s not limited to this mechanic.

Instead, it is written generically. It replaces whatever is on the left of the blank tiles with the tiles on its right.


Create a Map, call it „Details“, and draw something like this:

Wow, this is a lot. If want to learn how this Map works, read here: Post Processing – Details

Loot Chests, Monsters, and other Gameplay-related Objects

We define those objects in a Map called „Assets“.

Read more: Post Processing – Assets

Chests and monsters can spawn on any floor (but not on the water, ceiling, etc.); we need to add all our dungeon’s floors on the left of every row.

The Region Ids on the left became more relevant. By default, this plugin offers you 3 reserved Ids:

  • 20: Loot chests
  • 21: Monsters
  • 22: A single switch (e.g., for puzzles)

How can I change the number of spawns, and how can I add new assets?

You may use any other Region Id. To add or change Region Ids, or to change the number of how often an object spawns, go into Templates/Plugin Manager.

Plugin Manager & Templates

In the Plugin Manager -> MK_RNGMaps_withoutSnippets -> Templates you can manage Templates. Here you can change or add new rules, e.g. assets or other details such as water, dirt, …

You can look at this later because there is already a pre-defined Template for Caves that provides many rules.