Respawn at Custom Position

In this tutorial we will transfer the Player out of the randomized area, but when he re-enters the Map, he will spawn at the exact position where he originally left the Map. For example, you can have a tent or a house on the randomized Map that the Player can enter and search through.

You should use a seedable RNG here.

Save Player’s Position

Let’s make a Common Event that stores the Player’s Position on command. We use the methods that RPG Maker already provides.

Go to the Decoration Map and let’s make a Decoration Object that transfers the Player to the tent, house, or secret room. Feel free to put multiple transfer events to get more variety.

Put a simple Transfer Event here. Just before the Transfer happens, we call our Common Event to save the Player’s Position.

Respawn at Memorized Position

You need to copy-paste your (Common) Event that generates the Dungeon, and you will see the reason soon. We need to change the command line that defines where the Player spawns; if you don’t have this line because you use a default value, then just add this line.

MZ only: Plugin Command

Insert the Plugin Command „spawn Player at“ right before „finalize“ or replace your already-existing „spawn Player at“ command. I recommend to add the y-coordinate by 1 so the Player spawns a little bit below the entrance.

MV & MZ: JavaScript Call

Open your already-existing JS snippet and change it to something this:

const x = $gameVariables.value(VARIABLE_ID_X);
const y = $gameVariables.value(VARIABLE_ID_Y);

.spawnPlayerAt(x, y)

Replace VARIABLE_ID_? with the respective Ids of the Variables that store the X and Y coordinates.