Respawn at Custom Position

This article is outdated. Some commands are not up to date anymore.

In this tutorial we will transfer the Player out of the randomized area, but when he re-enters the Map, he will spawn at the exact position where he originally left the Map. For example, you can have a tent or a house on the randomized Map that the Player can enter and search through.

You should use a seedable RNG here.

Save Player’s Position

Let’s make a Common Event that stores the Player’s Position on command. We use the methods that RPG Maker already provides.

Go to the Decoration Map and let’s make a Decoration Object that transfers the Player to the tent, house, or secret room. Feel free to put multiple transfer events to get more variety.

Put a simple Transfer Event here. Just before the Transfer happens, we call our Common Event to save the Player’s Position.

Respawn at Memorized Position

You need to copy-paste your (Common) Event that generates the Dungeon, and you will see the reason soon. We need to change the command line that defines where the Player spawns; if you don’t have this line because you use a default value, then just add this line.

MZ only: Plugin Command

Insert the Plugin Command „spawn Player at“ right before „finalize“ or replace your already-existing „spawn Player at“ command. I recommend to add the y-coordinate by 1 so the Player spawns a little bit below the entrance.

MV & MZ: JavaScript Call

Open your already-existing JS snippet and change it to something this:

const x = $gameVariables.value(VARIABLE_ID_X);
const y = $gameVariables.value(VARIABLE_ID_Y);

.spawnPlayerAt(x, y)

Replace VARIABLE_ID_? with the respective Ids of the Variables that store the X and Y coordinates.