Menu Addon for Summon System

This plugin upgrades how your pets are displayed in the menu! Instead of showing pets the same as your actors, this plugin moves them into a fresh new menu.

This menu consists of a catalog and an inspection page that provides you with all the information that you need. All windows are customizable so you can for example hide level and experience information.

Optional: Undiscovered companions can be displayed by „???“
All windows are fully customizable by using JavaScript


  • Players can see their pets‘ skills but cannot inspect or chant them
  • Players can no longer equip their pets
  • Without customizing, this menu will not show the current HP/MP or affected States, as it assumes that your pets are auto-healed when summoned
  • You can decide whether Level and Exp info should be displayed

Ultimately, these features can be exactly what you wish for your game or what you don’t wish for, so it’s up to you whether you want to include this plugin or not.

3rd Party Plugin Compatibility

VS Main Menu lets you define the command list in the main menu. If you want to add this menu through VS, follow this procedure:

Switch off „Is visible in Menu“ in „MK_Summon_MenuAddon“.

Go to „VS Main Menu Core“ -> Command Window List and create a new entry.

Icon<as you prefer>
STR: Text<as you prefer>
JS: Text<empty>
JS: Showreturn true;

return $gameSwitches.value(1)
Replace 1 with a Switch ID to bind visibility
JS: Enablereturn $gameParty.pets().length;

return $gameSwitches.value(1)
Replace 1 with a Switch ID to bind accessibility
JS: Run CodeSceneManager.push(Scene_Pets);
JS: Personal Code<as it is>


Right-click, save as…