Minimap 3rd Party Plugin Support

Visustella, Yanfly

When using Visustella Options Core or YEP, the Minimap may not appear automatically. Please follow these steps. This instruction is based on Visustella, but it should work for YEP as well.

  1. Open VS OptionsCore in the Plugin Manager
  2. Go to Options Categories
  3. Click on any list item (I suggest „UI“), then go to „Options List“
  4. Add a new item to the list
    • Into the „Symbol“ field, type showMinimap
    • In „STR: Text“ field, type something like „Show Minimap“
  5. Close all dialogs and save your project

GALV Layers

To render GALV Layers on the Minimap, you need to download and install this plugin: MK_Minimap_GalvLayerSupport.js (right-click, save as…)

Currently, some features from GALV Layers are not yet supported in the Minimap.

  • Only static Layers that move with the Map are supported
  • Layers can be rotated only by 90° angles, not 45°