This Plugin enables commands to spawn an Event, e.g., a Gravestone, to the Player’s position. You can do that, e.g., when the Player loses a battle or walks into a trap. If you spawn a Gravestone while another one still exists, then this one disappears forever.

This Plugin does nothing more than spawn the Gravestone; it’s up to you what you want to do with it. Maybe restoring some Exp with the „Seizing“ Plugin?

This Plugin is perfectly combined with the Seizing Plugin!


  1. You need to download and include this Plugin: Event Spawner
  2. Ensure that the Event Spawner Plugin is above the Gravestone Plugin in the Plugin Manager
  3. If not already done, set up the Event Spawn Plugin, which includes the creation of a „Spawn Map“
  4. Create an Event on the Spawn Map that represents your Gravestone. That could be anything.
  5. Note down its Event Id
  6. Go into Plugin Manager –> MK_Gravestone, and define the Event Id of your Gravestone

MV Users: Plugin Commands

Use this Command to spawn the Gravestone:



Right-click, save as…

The plugin is completely free, but if you like it, I would be very happy about a small donation!