Introduction and T&C

Hi there, when you visit this blog, then I assume you want to add my Plugins into your Game, or at least, you want to check them out. The Plugin is originally inspired by Kai Monkey’s Random Dungeons. I took his idea and ported it for RPG Maker MV and MZ, and added a lot […]

Multiple Entrances and Exits

This is an addon to the Random Dungeon Generator. It allows you to build multiple exits, while the current area is persisted, that means, when going back, the old area is re-created just as you left it. Now, a map can have up to 4 exits – one for each direction. Using this addon we […]


Here you can find some Code Snippets to copy-paste into your project. If there are lines with a <– symbol in it, read the comment and then remove the arrow and the comment from your command. Mind adjusting variables! Classical Maze A very simple call to generate a classical Maze without any finetuning Ice Cave […]

Path in and outside the Map

Today we build a road which goes straight from the south to the north. This tutorial is a little bit longer than usual. It covers using traversing paths instead of entrance and exit „persist“ the map so you can travel back to the south and it still looks the same Region IDs Setup This function […]

Outer Snippets

I haven’t come up with a better name yet. Outer Snippets are snippets to replace the blank area around the dungeon with a set of alternative snippets. There are usually used on field maps, like roads, canyon or a forest. Here is an example of how a forest could look like: Let’s design the snippets […]

Dungeons with large Areas

In this tutorial we focus on another algorithms to generate dungeons: Those to create dungeons with large areas. Create more Snippets To draw those dungeons we first need some new snippets. Those to draw large areas, including edges, corners, inner corners Those to draw the connections between tunnels and areas, called Transitions Let’s create the […]

Procedural Random Dungeon Generator – Starter Guide

Hi everyone, and welcome to this instruction to add random generated Dungeons in your RPG Maker project. As using this plugin is not plug and play as most other plugins out there, I recommend you to read every step carefully. I also recommend you to open my Demo project in the Maker when steps are […]